Sensory Skills

Better understanding of one’s own body and its capabilities perpetuates in solid foundation of intellectual thinking. Dr. Maria Montessori developed the Sensorial equipment after thousands of hours of observation of children at work. Her observations and understanding of human psyche lead her to create impeccable tools to master the five senses and more.

Children experiment and polish these skills in the classroom as they desire. Beauty of this equipment is that it’s direct, concrete and focuses on only one one concept at a time. For example, in order to explore olfactory sense, all smelling bottles look exactly the same in size, color, and even texture. The only variation is the aroma/ smell emitting from the bottles. This narrows the variables to only one objective: differentiating between smells, say, Cinnamon and Jasmine. Or ‘Geometric Solids’ have only one variable; the change in geometric shape. Color, texture and weight of the solid stays the same. This flawless scientific approach speeds up the understanding of a concept in a brand new mind and leaves an everlasting effect.

Well understood and well polished sensory abilities leads to easier understanding of more complex subjects like Geometry and other branches of Science.