Enrollment Process

We are excited that you are considering MCS in your plans!

  1. Admission will be completed after the Tour of School, Interview with the parents/ guardians, Submission of the E.R.F., Fees submission, Interview with the candidate, and complete paperwork submission. 
  2. Enrollment request can be made by submitting Enrollment Request Form and submission of payment. A pdf copy of Enrollment Request Form can be downloaded here or can be obtained from our office. A scanned copy of filled up form can be emailed to us at contactus@montessoricares.com or submitted in our office.
  3. The enrollment will be accepted after the admission process is complete. This includes an interview with the Parents/ Guardians, candidate’s assessment and completion of documents.
  4. First month is the trial period. During this period the school will assess the candidate while the family evaluates where the school fulfills their expectations, and at the end of this period, family and school will make a decision about continuing.
  5. Candidate will be considered permanent once attendance continues beyond the trial period.
  6. If the enrollment is declined by the school prior to the beginning of the trial period, the tuition will be reimbursed.
  7. We have covered the most generally asked questions on our website. For any additional questions, please go visit our Contact Page. We will be happy to provide answers to any other questions you have.
  8. To get on the waiting list, the Enrollment Request Form and $250.00 must be submitted.
    1. This list is of the candidates on priority list when a spot opens up. 
    2. The priority period is for one year from the day of waiting list request. 
  9. To reserve a spot for a specific start date, the admission process must be completed.