Practical Skills

Montessori recognizes child’s desire to learn and master the life skills that are necessary to develop an independent personality. Children yearn to carry on their daily life with least assistance and most participation.

Washing hands, rolling placemats, folding wash cloths or cutting fruits for meal preparation are part of a regular routine in our classrooms. Children participate in community activities like serving each other at snack and meal time.

Washing tables, sweeping and mopping the classroom as part of the daily routine. It provides children with confidence and builds their self-esteem. They become self-sufficient and helpful in their surroundings. These supportive children feel comfortable and compassionate towards their new friends.

Consequently, they gracefully assist younger (newer) friends around the house in finding tissues to blow their nose or demonstrate how to hang a coat on the hanger. This sense of compassion, confidence and empathy passes on to the young children as they become familiar with their own surrounding, pretty soon becoming a support to the community that is enriched with harmony and peace.