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Montessori Cares

“Within the child lies the fate of the future”.

Maria Montessori       



We are introduced to a language the first time we develop the ability to use our ears and hear voices around us. It gets more emphatic as an adult makes an eye contact and utters words. While using language is an unnatural phenomenon, Dr. Montessori brilliantly unfolded its secrets as an open book for adults and children. A systematic approach to language comprehension can be easily applied to all spoken languages around the world. For English Language, it has been established thoroughly in our school.



Speech: Montessori guides / teachers become an instrument in language journey before the child develops ability to speak for her/himself. Montessori approach suggests of well thought out phrases and strategies to facilitate in child’s language growth. In a Montessori classroom a child is assisted in building vocabulary independent of the response capability. For example, instead of asking names of tropical fish in a question, ‘What is this, Joey?’ Montessori guide takes the speaking demand out and phrases the question as, “Can you show me the Moorish Idol Joey?” Joey might know what Moorish Idol is but might not have developed the speech yet. This memory and vocabulary development does not go unrecognized in a Montessori classroom. This and many other brilliant strategies not just build child’s confidence but also takes the mystery out of the language learning, giving child peace of mind that ‘I know’, ‘I am understood’ and ‘I can communicate’.