Grace and Courtesy

Dr. Montessori had the passion for the humanity. She saw children as the future. The future of the world. She believed that children were the most valuable asset of this earth. Children deserve the best that exists; and the children will save the future. She approached this thought with the widest scope of vision.

Montessori Cares believes in this approach. Children learn their own existence as a part of a big universe. Their understanding of Universe, Galaxy, Solar system, and so on, narrows down to an atom as a basic unit of matter. This understanding gives children a sense of belonging along with the the sense of respect for all things and creatures around them.

This valuable and precious characteristic of genuine support and sincerity manifests in our classrooms. Children respect each other’s space and ideas. They find comfort in knowing that they are loved and will be cared by others. Children show passion and support, modeling for all in the classroom.

In the classroom, it goes beyond please and thank you and regardless of one’s verbal capacity. Children reach out for tissues for their upset friends to comfort them.

Older students guide their friends to show where the supplies are. Young children often observe older friends to see how an activity works. While older children gain confidence in supporting the community and leading the younger children, the young children learn the patience and trust.

Poise and grace shows in these young members of our community during work, communication and play.